Rankings and Organization of Aikido

Aikido Organization within Canada

Antigonish Aikikai is a member of the Canadian Aikido Federation (CAF), which is dedicated to the teachings of the original founder of Aikido Mori­hei Ueshiba. The CAF is affil­i­ated with Aikikai World Head­quar­ters (Hombu Dojo) in Tokyo, Japan. Provinces with Aikido clubs recognized by the CAF has delegates that meet annually to vote and discuss matters pertaining to Aikido in Canada.

Ranks within Aikido

Like many martial arts, Aikido relies on a belt system to indicate progress for Aikidoka, or Aikido practioners. There are typically only two different colored belts: white or black. White belt students are separated into 5 kyus, or levels of proficiency, 1st kyu being the highest level you can achieve with a white belt. Before achieveing the next kyu you must practice a minimum amount of hours and be tested by an instructor. Once tested for your black belt, a student becomes a 1st dan student. Traditionally, they can also wear hakama, a type of traditional Japanese clothing worn over the regular Aikido uniform.

aikido brochure 3

A black belt instructor on the left wears hakama pants while observing white belt students

A ‘Shidoin’ is an instructor of Aikido who has achieved at least 4th dan in Aikido rankings. They are entrusted with the teaching of Aikido in clubs and organizations within Canada and around the world.

For more information concering Aikido ranks and organizations within Canada, please visit the Canadian Aikido Federation website.


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