About Our Instructors

About our Instructors

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Peter MacLean, 6th dan instructor


Peter MacLean Sensei is the head instructor of Antigonish Aikikai.

Paul MacLean, 4th dan instructor

Paul MacLean Sensei is a regular instructor at Antigonish Aikikai and a brother to Peter MacLean Sensei. He is known for his calm and quiet style of teaching, attention to dojo etiquette, and weapons training associated with Aikido, including the Jo (short staff) and Bokken (wooden sword).

Both MacLean brothers started Antigonish Aikikai in 1982 and hava been faithfully practicing and teaching Aikido for over 35 years. They began practicing Aikido in 1977 under Yukio Kawahara Sensei, 8th dan (b.1940-d.2011), whom for 36 years worked tirelessly to establish Aikido in Canada.

Click here for a brief history of Kawahara Sensei.


Peter, Kawahara Sensei, Paul



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